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Sword Kirby

Sword Kirby -

16 inches
Price: $219.99
David Chung and Todor Kolev
Limited to:
2000 pieces
Q1 2015
Initial Payment: $10.00
The Initial Payment is credited against your purchase. However, it will be retained if you cancel your order.

Kirby is the ever helpful, yet ever hungry hero of Dream Land. He's got an immense appetite that he knows how to put to good use in a pinch with his amazing inhale and copy ability skills. With just one one deep breath he can inhale his foes while simultaneously copying any of their techniques to use as his own.

First 4 Figures is proud to present Sword Kirby, the first in a collection based on the cute, fun and timeless Kirby series.

The Sword is one of Kirby's most famous and memorable copy ability. It first appeared in Kirby's Adventure in 1993 and has been a staple of the series ever since. With this ability in play, Kirby dons a green and yellow pom-pom hat and gets a special blade to attack his enemies with. He's has been given the star treatment in this statue as he with strikes a powerful uppercut holding his sword towards the sky, even leaving behind a bright swiping effect. He's stood on a base designed after the vibrant and lush Cookie Country level from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Sword Kirby is made from polystone resin and hand painted with the series' bright and vibrant colors. From the bottom of the base to the tip of his sword, Kirby measures 16 inches tall.

Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an authenticity card which allows you to purchase the same number of the model next in the Kirby series.

Sword Kirby is the first in an all new range the lowest numbers will be available to those who pre-order earliest, so don't miss your chance!

Highly limited to 2000 units worldwide.

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