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Amaterasu  -

17'' long x 12'' tall x 12'' wide
Price: $349.99
Kim Bangcola
Limited to:
Q3 2016
Initial Payment: $20.00
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“Ah… Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all…”

Amaterasu is a pure white wolf adorned with red ink markings and the ancient Shinto goddess of the sun. Being one of the legendary gods of the elements, Amaterasu is in possession of two sacred artifacts to help her to overcome any obstacle: The first being the Celestial Brush to manipulate the Earth’s natural elements to her advantage, and the second being the Solar Reflector on her back to fight and dispel evil. After a century long absence, Amaterasu descended from the celestial plane, as a reincarnation of the legendary white wolf Shiranui. She must now defend Nippon from the awakening demon Orochi and his army of dark spirits who threaten to consume the land once more.

First 4 Figures is proud to present Amaterasu, the lead protagonist from Capcom’s stunning action adventure game: 'Okami'. Stood majestically barking on the planes of Nippon with her travelling artist friend Issun. At 1/4 scale, Amaterasu stands at 12 inches tall from the top of her Solar Reflector to the base and 17.5 inches long, making for a simply stunning display centerpiece for any Okami fan.

Comes in deluxe full- color packaging, hand numbered base and an authenticity card that allows you to purchase the same product number for future pieces in the Okami series.

Limited Edition number will be set after 2 weeks (19th Jan 2016).

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