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New York Comic Con 2017: Statue Giveaway Winners

The faces behind the Lucky 18!


NYCC 2017 – First 4 Figures’ very first Comic Con attendance – has been quite a journey, and we are very thankful to have played a part in such a prestigious gathering. It was a pleasure to have met all the First 4 Figures supporters – both existing and new – in attendance, and you can definitely bet your collection that we will return wiser and more prepared.


During the 4-day event, we had 18 F4F statues to give away to the participants of NYCC. To join, all they had to do was take a selfie with any of the statues they wanted to win, post it on their Facebook account and tag First 4 Figures' Facebook page, and enter their details HERE so that they may be contacted in case they were chosen as winners for best selfie.


Here’s a quick look at what were up for grabs: 

 Statue Giveaways


After carefully scanning and deliberating through all the entries, we have finally chosen the lucky 18! Congratulations to everyone who won, and better luck next time to the other participants! This surely won’t be the last contest of its kind, so stay tuned.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, First 4 Figures proudly presents the winners for the NYCC 2017 Statue Giveaway Contest:


TLOZ  BOTW  Link 10" PVC – Grant Cederquist


 Link Winner



Dark Souls  Dragon Slayer Ornstein – Galaxia Siandre


Ornstein Winner 



Dark Souls  SD PVC  Artorias the Abysswalker SD – Adam Nunez


Abysswalker Winner 



Dark Souls  SD PVC  Solaire of Astora SD – James Cornelio


 Solaire of Astora Winner



Metal Gear Solid – Solid Snake – Donna Rock


 Solid Snake Winner


Mega Man X – Zero – JoJo Torres


Zero Winner 


Berserk – Guts – Bunny Dark


Guts Winner 


Crash Bandicoot – Aku Aku Mask – Reggie Moses


Aku Aku Winner 


Crash Bandicoot – Crash 9" PVC – Mariah Lovez You


 Crash Winner


Super Mario 3D World – Lucky Cat Mario – Sue Zan


 Lucky Cat Mario Winner


Super Mario – Bowser – Sharon Stephanie Casas


Bowser Winner 


Soul Calibur 2 – Taki – Pablo Tavarez


Taki Winner 


Samurai Champloo – Mugen – Jenny Cronin


 Mugen Winner


Sonic the Hedgehog – 25th Anniversary – Magali Plascencia


 Sonic Winner


Castlevania – Alucard – Oliver Ledesma


Alucard Winner 


Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight – Eric Lam


Shovel Knight Winner 


Spyro the Dragon – Spyro – Pete Malz


 Spyro Winner


Sypro the Dragon – Crystal Dragon – Melly Ann


Crystal Spyro Winner 


Winners will be contacted via e-mail for further information on how to claim their prizes.


Congratulations once again to all the winners and thank you to everyone for your continued love and support!


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