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Nov 29, 2017 Writen By: Miguel Galvez


TT Polls are often times used for suggesting potential licenses that you – the community – might be interested in; sometimes, it can serve a different, more dramatic purpose.


There are special cases wherein the Temptation Thursdays poll is used to safeguard an existing character in production, a statue design, or even an entire license from entering Alex Davis’ Vault due to a lack of support for the idea or product line. This dreaded Vault is a grim and eerie dwelling place, and those in it are never to be laid eyes on or heard from ever again, left to slowly drift away until they become a figment of everyone's imagination, or so we thought.


To help save your favorite character from entering, you will have to rally the troops and prove to Alex that the character on the chopping block is, indeed, worth saving. With enough “YES” votes, Alex will surely reconsider. However, please keep in mind that you and those you recruit should only vote "YES" if you and they have the intention of purchasing. That way, First 4 Figures could accurately gauge the community's overall interest in the product.


Let’s take AIKA from the Skies of Arcadia series for example.



TT Poll #65 is aimed at saving Aika from entering the Vault. Aika’s production has already begun but is currently at a halt because of people’s lack of interest in her. The following are images of her original design and 3-D print:


Aika DesignAika 3-D PrintAika Design 

Aika DesignAika DesignAika Design 


If you would like to rescue Aika from the chopping block, join the First 4 Figures Official Collectors Club where you may, then, cast your votes HERE. Leave a comment below and let your voices be heard! #SaveF4FAika


To learn a little bit more about Aika and Skies of Arcadia, you can check Wikipedia’s write-up HERE.



For those who want to learn more about First 4 Figures’ Temptation Thursday Polls, click HERE.



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