Aug 25, 2020 Writen By: Miguel Galvez

Ultraman – Ultraman Statue Launch

Ultraman fans are in for a treat!


First 4 Figures, in partnership with GNF TOYZ and Studio HIVE, is happy to introduce their latest collectible: ULTRAMAN! Pre-orders are now open! This statue is highly limited to just 400 pieces worldwide and is sold exclusively on our website (except Japan and China), so be sure to place your order before it's all gone! Don't miss out!












  1. The production of Ultraman will be under the supervision of GNF Toyz. Rest assured, however, that First 4 Figures' Quality Control team will oversee the entire production process to maintain First 4 Figures' quality and standards.
  2. SRP: $549.99 (excludes tax and shipping)
  3. Non-refundable deposit: $137.50
  4. Flexipayment plan: Up to six (6) months
  5. Estimated release date: Q2 2021



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