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Link on Epona Zero Suit SamusSword Kirby ExclusiveKnucklesXRyo Hazuki ExclusiveLink on Epona ExclusiveDracula ExclusiveTanooki Mario ExclusiveViewtiful JoeWolf Link and Midna ExclusiveWolf Link and Midna Modern Super Sonic ExclusiveCat Mario Exclusive Samus Light Suit ExclusiveAmaterasu Sonic "The Tornado" Diorama ExclusiveZero ExclusiveFire Sage Darunia ExclusiveTails ExclusiveZeroGanondorfSonic the Hedgehog 12"Ganondorf ExclusiveViewtiful Joe ExclusiveDr. RobotnikModern Sonic ExclusiveAkira YukiDaruniaProto Man ExclusiveDracula Lan Di ExclusiveSuper Sonic Running Megaman ExclusiveAmaterasu ExclusiveVyse Worms 2: Armageddon Diorama ExclusiveKnuckles ExclusiveShadow The HedgehogSword KirbyWorms 2: Armageddon DioramaMetal SonicVyse ExclusiveRunning MegamanZeldaSonic Generations Diorama ExclusiveBeatSimon Belmont ExclusiveModern Super Sonic Sonic "The Tornado" Diorama Samus Light SuitTailsMonkey KingLan Di Cat Mario Proto Man Sonic Generations DioramaRyo HazukiSimon BelmontLucky Cat Mario Exclusive Link on LoftwingModern Sonic Dark LinkMario Nintendo DS HolderGanon's Puppet ZeldaMetroid Prime GunshipShadow The Hedgehog ExclusiveTanooki Mario
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