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Fierce Deity Link

Fierce Deity Link - Fierce Deity Link

14.5 inches
Price: $129.99
Sold Out
Initial Payment: $10.00
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Very little is understood about the demigod know as the Fierce Deity. With his history shrouded in mystery, the dark and mighty warrior was trapped into a mask, a mask which allows the wearer to inhabit the Fierce Deity's powerful body. Powerful and evil, could this mask's dark powers be as bad as Majora? When young Link dons the Fierce Deity Mask, he manages to harness its power without being corrupted and is transformed into Fierce Deity Link for the ultimate showdown with Majora…

First 4 Figures is proud to present Fierce Deity Link, the first collectible statue in the First 4 Figures highly anticipated Legend of Zelda collectible statue series. With inspiration taken from the official Majora’s Mask Fierce Deity Link artwork, the statue has faithfully recreated Fierce Deity’s powerful and mysterious character and pose. Raising his double helix sword high above his head, he is ready to take on any his enemies. Towering at over 14.5 inches to the tip of his sword hilt, Fierce Deity Link will be in scale with the others in the series.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand finished and hand painted. Comes packed in a foam interior full colored box with a card of authenticity. Highly limited at only 2,500 pieces available worldwide.

Product information:

Expected shipping date: Q4 2006

Edition size: 2,500 worldwide

Artist: Ryan Lim

Base Concept Artist: James West

Low numbers are given out on a first come first served basis so order quickly to secure a low number.

Prototype shown and final product may vary slightly from the photos.

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