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Damaged Items

If the item is delivered faulty or damaged in any way please contact us immediately using the contact form under contact us.

On receipt of your email, we will contact you to assess the nature of the problem. We will ask you to take photographs of the damage and send them to us.

Please do not throw away any damaged items or parts as we will be unable to deal with your claim without supporting evidence.

We manufacture spare parts and assemblies for each item and reserve the right to send replacement parts or alternatively replace the entire item at our sole discretion.

We are not responsible for any damage or defects to items bought from a third party. Any issues of this nature should be directed to the supplying party.

If no parts or replacements are available we will offer a refund up to but not exceeding the price of the item excluding shipping costs.

If we choose to completely replace the item, it is the customer's responsibility to destroy the damaged item and provide photographic evidence of its destruction within 5 working days of our agreement to replace or refund. Once we receive this evidence we will ship the replacement or process a refund.

We will only deal with damaged items that are reported to us within 30 days of receipt.