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We typically have regular and exclusive versions of each limited-edition product.

Exclusive version:

Pre-orders for an exclusive item is only available for a 2 week period only. At the end of that 2 week period, we will stop taking pre-orders and future pre-orders are then put on the wait list.

During the 2 week pre-order period, there is no limit to the number of items that are available.

The limited edition is determined at the end of the 2 week pre-order period.

Regular version:

Unlike the exclusive version, there is no set pre-order window. We will continue to accept pre-orders until we decide to close the pre-order window.

Ordering In-Stock Items

Once the item is changed to In-Stock status, it means that production is already complete and that that item is in stock in one or all of our 4 local warehouses (US/Canada/UK/China). If the item is only available in certain local warehouses, this information will be listed on the product page. Should the product not be available in your local warehouse, please contact us to find out the additional shipping charge to your location.