We typically have standard, exclusive, and sometimes definitive versions of each limited-edition product.

Exclusive and Definitive Edition versions:

Pre-orders for an exclusive/definitive edition item will be either only available for a 4 week period only (if at least 1,000 pieces are preordered within that time frame and will continue accepting preorders for the full 4 weeks), or it will remain open until production starts (or will close at the point we hit 1,000 pieces).

Once that happens, we will stop taking orders and future pre-orders are then put on the waitlist.

Edition size is open during this period and the edition numbers will be settled after the preorder period finishes.

Standard version:

Unlike the exclusive version, there is no set pre-order window. We will continue to accept pre-orders until we decide to close the pre-order window.

Ordering In-Stock Items

Once the item is changed to In-Stock status, it means that production is already complete and that item is in stock in one or all of our 4 local warehouses (US/Canada/UK/China).

We will collect the final balance once we confirmed the stock level with the local warehouse.

If the item is only available in certain local warehouses, this information will be listed on the product page.

Should the product not be available in your local warehouse, please contact us to find out the additional shipping charge to your location.

Blacklist and Account closing

Unfortunately, we've experienced issues with problematic customers. We, therefore, reserve the right at any time to cancel accounts and cancel live orders without warning. Some examples of issues that can lead to account closure include, but not limited to:

  • Cancellations
  • Fraud
  • Returns
  • Abusive Behaviour as decided at our discretion 

In the event that your account has been blacklisted, you will no longer be able to login. Any deposits or payments on any outstanding orders made will be refunded. Any accumulated F4F Reward Points will be cancelled with no monetary value given.