The price quote for all statues are in USD. 

The final payment will be made at the conversion rate charged by your card provider at the actual time of payment.

Please note that we do not cover foreign/international transaction fees charged by your card provider.

Payment methods

Visa/MasterCard and PayPal payments are taken automatically by our payment system. We do not hold details of your credit card after payment is made.

Payments will show on your bank statement as having been taken by First4Figures Limited. This company, which is owned by us in the UK, collects all our website payments.

Please ensure that your card can accept payments from overseas. It may be necessary to inform your card provider that you have arranged to purchase an item from an overseas company.

Sometimes your card provider will charge additional fees, "authorisation fee" is a typical description. These fees third party, and are not being charged by us.

We currently do not accept American Express credit cards.


Each time an order is placed, we will take a deposit of 10% of the item's purchase price. This deposit is non-refundable/transferable.

Deposits cannot be transferred if your order is cancelled for any reason.

If you place an order for a waitlisted item, we will still take a 10% deposit.

However, should you later decide to cancel this order before conversion, we will refund your deposit.

Should your order be confirmed and thus removed from the waitlist, the deposit will cease to be refundable.

Other than the deposit, no further payments will be taken until the order is converted to a live order.

If we are unable to supply a waitlisted item, we will refund the deposit.

Charge backs

From time to time we receive charge backs from credit card companies. Sometimes, these charge backs result from the card holder denying knowledge of the transaction.

We will investigate thoroughly each time this happens and reserve the right to close the account of any customer who abuses the system.

Declined or failed card payments

If we apply for payment and the payment is rejected, we will immediately email you and inform you of the payment rejection. We are not able to tell you why the card has been rejected since we are not told.

You can amend your card details by signing into your order details and updating your credit card. A charge of $1.00 will be made by our payment system to register the update which it will be credited against your order.

Following this, we will resubmit your payment automatically during the next business day.

If we do not hear from you within one week, or your card remains unaltered, we will email a second time and give you a final 7 days to rectify the problem. If at the end of this time we have not heard from you, the order will be canceled.

Final payment and shipment

When your order has been dispatched from the factory to our local warehouse, we will email you to give you an indication of when your item will arrive.

We will email you again when the item has arrived at the local warehouse, giving one weeks' notice of the final payment.

After we have received your final payment for the item, including any shipping charges, we will arrange shipment to the address shown on your order.

Any special requests for delivery, other than address changes (see below) must be received by us prior to final payment being taken.

If you wish to change the shipping address, you must email us using the contact form under CONTACT US. If the change results in an amended shipping cost, your final payment will be adjusted to reflect this.

We will be unable to do a change of local warehouse after the item is dispatched from the factory to the original local warehouse.

These are high-value items and our delivery service will require a signature and ID prior to leaving the package.