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Meta Knight Exclusive

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2016):
Wow this thing is a beauty! Talk about sturdy and well made. Let's start with the base, it is HEAVY! I like it, the heavier the more I feel it's worth the price. It's got a really slick design, easy to access butting to turn the flames on. Next Meta himself, it's not an over complicated peice to our together. Which I like! I like how long the span from wing to sword is. One thing that took me forever to figure out. There are two slots for batteries, one area for the base and anothe for his eyes. FYI, the batteries for the face are actually two small batteries stacked together. Looks really cool when it's all lite up. And yes it looks awesome next to Kirby, so if you can't get both, you gotta put them side by side! I'm a sucker for the light up features so if you have to decide between the regular and exclusive, I would go for the exclusive.