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Bowser (Exclusive)

Product Review (submitted on April 16, 2020):
If you did not get this Bowser statue from F4F, you definitely missed out. I have not been one to write website reviews and prefer YouTube videos, but I just recently unboxed this after sitting on it for 3 months. WOW! A very under-rated piece by a company that does not receive a lot of press. I will post a video review of it later but for now, the design and likeness to bowser is 100% spot on! It is usually up to the sculptures interpretation to an extent, but this looks like the Video Game character come to life. The paint app is flawless. The sculpt is impeccable. The sheer presence of the piece and his expression is magnificent. They captured the essence of Bowser right down to the eyes, teeth, and nails. The light up effect was my biggest concern, as it looks like the flame is just massive and may tip the statue over. But the engineering on the balance of the statue with the flame attached in his throat is not an issue at all. They really knocked this one out of the park! It should have been in the running for Statue of the Year.