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Simon Belmont Exclusive

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2016):
Note please: poor english as I am french ^^

This Statue is really impressive. The work on body is near perfect and the face of Simon is 10 times better than what the picture shows.

The whip is also very interesting as you can shape it and make it a true part of the scene.

Details on body and clothes show that this is an AAA product. But there is also a lot of things showing that F4F don't really knows the game!

The first problem is the cross! There is no gold cross in Castlevania. The first gold cross you can find in a castlevania appears in the msx2 version: Vampire Killer. This cross should have been blue! The shape of this cross is also wrong.

Nails, ribbon in hairs, fur on boots and, more important, patterns on clothes, are all wrong! For example, the whip and sword on the front of simon's cloth is a pure invention of F4F as it never appears in the first Castlevania!

The base is Also questionable as there is no tree under the feet of Simon on the game box. More than that, one of the essential elements of the game are stairs. I think Simon could had a better base with at least on foot on a short stair step.

In my opinion, this statue is great but not accurate enough and the most hardcore fans of Castlevania can feel that F4F tried to fill a few "blank parts" of their statue with details that were not visible in the game.

For the statue itself, I could give an A+, but for the accuracy, it would be a C.