F4F Vault

For many years, deep within the heart of F4F Headquarters, legends abound about a magical place. A place secured beyond any bank's imagination, the F4F Vault.

Few have seen this vault and only a handful have accessed it. It is rumored to be the resting place of ancient works of art and treasure beyond any statue collector's dream. The legends tell of a great company whose dream was to bring the best collectible statues to the fans.

Several years of toil and war between the makers resulted in many projects never seeing the light of day or were struck down by the formidible forces of the great Licensors. It is in this great vault that those works now lie, waiting to be rediscovered.

Many years have passed and the followers of this great land have grown substantially as do the stories of the vault. The great ones speak of works still being entered...but little to nothing is heard about them ever coming back out. The legend continues that in the near future, this legendary vault will be discovered by a hero, one such as yourself, who will stumble upon this mythical and mysterious place.

Are you that hero?