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Product Review (submitted on July 22, 2017):
Princess Zelda stands tall at 1/4 scale in this polystone figure manifactured by first4figures. it was indeed my first purchase from f4f, so I must admit overall I was kinda concerned that I was spending 400 dollars on a figure. However, I didnt regret it for a single moment. Shipping happened almost right after I ordered it, and the shipping company had not been able to damage the figure, and not the box she comes in which is equally stunning in my opinion.

I absolutely adore princess zelda as a whole character, and the figure surely did her justice. There is more to a company than just its products, when it came down to it f4f pulled through with great costumer service when I needed.. and my Zelda, would be worth 3 times the price it was currently listed at upon purchase.

I will be buying future f4f related figures without a doubt! do not be afraid to order!
I remember the moment I got her, she was way bigger in person than what I had imagined she would be, you can tell she's handpainted because there is such amazing detail in every single piece of her body and armor. it covers her smoothly and does her full justice. she was also quite heavy, heavier actually than what I had expected her to be, which only leads me to the fact, of the amazing quality of the handiwork put into this figurine. Great job f4f!