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Jin Kazama - TEKKEN 3 (Regular)

Product Review (submitted on July 13, 2018):
This is my first statue from F4F and it is a great representation of the character in his first Tekken appearance. What I immediately noticed was the excellent work done on the muscles especially on the left arm where the iconic tattoo is. The pants have a texture on it providing detail while still staying true to the simple 3D model from the PS1 era. If you look at artwork Jin is a character who can easily appear too masculine or too feminine depending on the artist but F4F did an amazing job getting it just RIGHT. Jin has a masculine portrait and the Jin's hair aka the bangs are not overdone to make the statue appear overly feminine. Jin's facial expression is not as intense aka "I'm about to beat the crap out of you" as in the pictures provided as Jin's expression detached more like him sizing up his opponent. Overall this is an excellent addition to an Tekken fan or Jin fan's collection. The price is especially good for a 1/4 scale IMO as others in my collection have EASILY costed me over $600.

The only way I would be happier with my purchase is if it was the recent version of Jin from Tekken Tag Tourament 2 or his new costume from Tekken 7 however that's just a personal preference and should take nothing away from this amazing statue. Here's hoping a Devil Jin will be made!