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Majora's Mask (Regular)

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2018):
"You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?"-Happy Mask Salesman

Majora's mask is an iconic game and item from the Zelda franchise and from the moment I saw it I fell in love. The piece is so beautiful, pictures really cant do it justice, it has to be seen in real life to be believed. The moment I opened the box I was astounded at the craftmanship, quality and care that went into this piece. In my collection it sits away from everything else so its beauty can be admired as a stand-alone item.

First the base/stand is done to look like a small tree growing in a forest with moss effects. The texture difference between the tree and moss parts is really impressive. When I sat it down next to actual wooden stands it blended in so well that people actually commented on how wood could hold the weight, the paint job was that good.

Then there is the mask itself. The colour separation is great. Each one of these is hand painted and I have to compliment the person who did mine, they must have one steady hand. The purple, black, red, yellow and white contrast so well and the shades match the game perfectly. All this topped with an interesting mix of matte and gloss paints and added textures in different parts makes the mask itself look older and slightly worn out. It really makes you feel like this thing was used by an ancient tribe in a far off land.

The eyes are the main focus point for me, they are done perfectly. The way the blend from that magenta to the bright yellow is impressive and the way it shines so bright when light hits it is amazing!

The final point I have to make is the spikes (pun intended). They are all held on by extra strength magnets and are coated in a gloss paint for extra shine. This contrasts the primarily matte finish of the mask making them stand out really well.

This is by far one of the best replicas I have seen and I cant recommend it enough to others: 5 Out of 5 all the way!