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The Great Grey Wolf, Sif (Exclusive)

Product Review (submitted on January 13, 2019):
Sif is my first figure obtained from First4Figures, and now that I think about it, the first 'true' collector's item that I own. With me being new to the market, it was very difficult to justify such an expensive purchase developed from a video game that I'd never played before. However, it looked pretty cool so I jumped on board. I don't regret it.

Once I got over the looks of disapproval and disappointment from family and friends, (especially after they quizzed me on the price, which to put into perspective, was more than the virtual reality system I had also recently bought) I really started to appreciate the piece a lot. Here's why:

~ The Quality ~
While I was opening Sif's box, I had to question my life choices. I am a broke college student. Why am I buying $600 statues? Buyer's remorse quickly faded as I observed the detail on the fully assembled piece. It's been excellently cordoned off for shipping; There are no jarring lines separating individual parts. (except on the tail, which you can't really see when viewing from the front) The detail on the die-cast swords, Sif, and the base are nicely done. My only real complaint is that some of the round plants are a bit glossy and not very plant-like. The lengthy ones on the base look realistic/great.

I heard that there were some issues with this piece at launch and that many customers got replacements. It was difficult/impossible to find any official information on this matter so I assume the issues were resolved? I can't find anything wrong with my Sif.

~ Coolness ~
As an avid video gamer, there are a lot of cool things that I have invested in. I had never played Dark Souls before, (Started on Remastered last week) so I didn't have any 'coolness' connection from the game. However, I am a huge fan of wolves, and to be honest, this was the main reason for making my purchase.

Are wolves cool? Yes.
Are swords cool? Yes!
Are giant wolves wielding giant swords cool? Yes!!!

My new room defender is absolutely the definition of cool.

~ Value ~
As a broke college student, I can say that the value of instant noodles appears to be excellent at face value. However, it becomes obvious very fast that you will die if you only eat instant noodles. Resist the urge to buy a $90 meal at an expensive restaurant to make up for your suffering with instant noodles. You'll feel bad afterwards and realize that you don't have enough money for rent anymore.

It's a different story with Sif. Who needs food or money when you can feast your eyes on such beautiful artwork? This piece is better than eating because unlike food, it doesn't go in on one end and... come out... the other. Now I'll always have a cool decoration, no matter if Sif is sprucing up my room or my new cardboard box under a bridge.

Sif will also last longer than any of my previous relationships. Therefore, the value of this piece is beyond priceless.

In all seriousness, the value is pretty good. The beautiful box, (to my surprise even the styrofoam was nice) art print, and Wolf Ring (which sadly can't be worn; too large) add that extra oomph to this product. You definitely get a lot for what you pay for.

~ Price ~
As a broke college student, I really should give this a 1 star rating, but it's clear that First4Figures is offering a fair price for a truly awesome piece of art. I don't think there are many collectors out there that would scoff at the price.

Overall, I am very impressed with my first purchase from First4Figures. I eagerly await future products. I am also contemplating my life choices and preparing my cardboard box. It is impossible to resist future purchases.

Kiba the Wolf