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Alucard (Twilight Edition)

Product Review (submitted on May 16, 2019):
I ordered this statue 14 months ago, and I finally got it today. It doesn't disappoint in any single way! Yeah, it was expensive, but that's what payment plans are for. Everything about it is perfect, from the base to the head sculpt, to the inter-changeable arms and weapons. And it's a massive piece. Pictures and videos don't do this thing the justice it deserves, you really have to see it in person. The level of detail in this statue is almost frightening, to be honest.

There's grime and gouges and moss in the stonework of the base. Every piece of clothing on Alucard has a unique texture or finish. The shine of the boots. The detail of the lining in the overcoat. The coat's exterior "fabric" and the gold trim. The coarse look/feel in the cuffs. The buckles and clasps on the doublet and cloak. The face is as flawless as you'd expect of a vampire.

And then the weapons. The Alucard sword is simply beautiful, the Crissaegrim has tiny details everywhere in the blade and guard. The shield is just as imposing with subtle weathering here and there to give it a battle-worn look.

And finally the art print is just icing on the cake. I'm definitely going to be shopping for a display case and a nice frame for these pieces.