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Artorias The Abysswalker Exclusive

Product Review (submitted on April 6, 2017):
This statue is stunning. I could not be more pleased with the artistry in the design and the quality of its execution. I have never purchased a figure before, and this is the most spectacular one-piece collection anyone could hope for. Except now I am terrified every time I get a newsletter that it will be something irresistible.

I do wish there had been more of an explanation ahead of time for how this whole process works. As a first-time F4F customer, I had no idea what to expect regarding the shipping, packaging, or finished dimensions to get display space figured out ahead of time. The F4F team was very responsive and helpful when I inquired about the shipping and had to update my address to accommodate FedEx delivery, which was great.

The first thing to expect is that the package is huge, a lot larger than the figure itself. It stands about 3 feet tall and I had to do some nervous shoving to get it in the passenger seat of my car. Artorias Exclusive comes in 7 pieces: the base, waist-down piece, belt, waist-up piece, and three different greatswords (all with a hand attached). They are wrapped in tissue and set firmly in a styrofoam block (accounting for the enormity), which is inside a beautiful full-color box, which is bagged and protected inside a brown box. I was not sure how such a large, lanky figure could be shipped safely, and they’ve got it all figured out. I have seen a few reports of damage, and I think it would take a lot of abuse to dislodge any of the pieces shipped this way, which is saddening.

Assembly is very easy, the pieces substantially interlock and metal pegs fit into holes inside the base and figure. The widest dimension is from the pommel to the tip of the sword, which changes the footprint of the figure depending on how you position Artorias. There is some play in the attachment to the base; he can pivot slightly on his forward foot, which helps him fit him into different spaces. He fits comfortably in a 24” wide by 12” deep rectangle. I found a 24W x 12D x 24H acrylic display box intended for a model ship, which is superb for tabletop display.

Looking at this brings me back to the first time I stepped through that fog (and was promptly smashed into the floor, still in awe). A legendary piece!