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Wait List

Orders will be accepted on our website for "Website exclusive" items for a period of 2 weeks following the launch of the item.

At the completion of the two week preorder period the order book will be closed and no further orders taken.

The edition size of the item is fixed at this time.

It is sometimes the case that customers cancel their orders following the closure of the edition and therefore we will accept "Wait List" orders.

There is no guarantee that wait listed orders will be supplied . 

Should an item become available, a wait listed order will be converted to a live order on the basis of the date and time that the wait listed order was placed.

We will convert a wait listed order to a live order automatically should an item become available without consulting you.

When we convert the order we will email you and inform you that your order is now live.

Prior to conversion wait listed order deposits are refundable, however following conversion they are not.

If we are unable to fulfill your order we will refund your deposit as soon as it becomes apparent that no stock is available.