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Sep 25, 2019 Writen By: Miguel Galvez

KotR Tourney #5 Conclusion

Congratulations to the last contestant standing!


With a difference of nearly 600 votes, the winner of our KotR Tourney #5 | Match #5 is SPYRO™ PVC! However, seeing as our last entrant was not able to predict that Saitama would be behind Solaire of Astora SD PVC in votes, he, too, has now been eliminated. Thus concludes our King of the Ring Tournament #5.


KotR Tourney #5 | Match #5 Results

King of the Ring Tournament #5 Standings


Congratulations, JUSTIN HILL, for being the last man standing! As a consolation prize, he will be receiving 1,000 reward points from us.


Thank you all for participating, and we shall see you again for the next King of the Ring Tournament!



What is the King of the Ring Tournament? Click here


KotR Tourney #5 | Match #5

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