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Nov 07, 2017 Writen By: Miguel Galvez

Class Is in Session: Bowser

Welcome folks to Class Is in Session – a series wherein we bring you the profile and origin story of the characters in First 4 Figures’ upcoming releases.


Here at First 4 Figures (F4F), we not only aim to provide you – our F4F’ers – high quality products on a consistent basis; we also aspire to nurture a mutual relationship with each and every one of you through any means possible. This will be our first of many attempts in giving back and saying thanks for your continued support and patronage.


With all that mushy stuff aside, what better way to kick off this series than to talk about Mushroom Kingdom’s ultimate pain in the ass, Bowser.



Bowser (Exclusive) Statue


Real Name: Japan – Daimaō Kuppa, which translates to Great Demon King Kuppa in English / US - Bowser

Alias: King Koopa, The Sorcerer King Koopa, King Bowser Koopa

Whereabouts: Bowser’s Castle

Archnemesis: Mario

First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Created By: Shigeru Miyamoto


Bowser is the main antagonist of Nintendo’s ever so popular Mario franchise. In every platform that he’s been on as an antagonist, his primary goals have always been to relentlessly kidnap Princess Toadstool (A.K.A. Princess Peach) – only to be rescued by Mario in the end – and to take over and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom (and in some storylines other realms or even the entire universe) – only to be thwarted by Mario… again.




Koopa Troops

If we were to look at the release date of all the Mario franchise channels (gaming, television, comics, etc.), Bowser’s first appearance was in their 1985 video game, Super Mario Bros. released for the Family Computer and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) consoles. He was introduced as the king of a peaceful-looking yet innately evil turtle-like race called the Koopas.


In this release, the story begins with the Koopas invading the Mushroom Kingdom and transforming all its inhabitants into inanimate objects. The kingdom’s only hope of survival is Princess Toadstool, the Mushroom King’s daughter. She – and she alone – has the power to undo the curse casted upon her people. However, locked away in a grim and treacherous castle, the princess is imprisoned by King Bowser Koopa himself. Mario, the mustached Italian plumber, is everyone’s final saving grace and sets out on an adventure to overthrow the Turtle Tribe, rescue the damsel in distress, and return the kingdom back to normal.



Bowser Fact: The etymology of Kuppa originated from a Korean dish called gukbap, a mixture of cooked rice and soup. The other options considered were yukhoe and bibimbap, both of which are also Korean dishes.



Throughout the entire Super Mario Bros., however, it was never revealed where Bowser or the Koopa Troopas came from. There are several fan theories that try to make sense of the chronological order within the Mario universe, and although each theory has varied opinions, everyone seems to be in agreement that Bowser first existed as Baby Bowser in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995). It was also in this release that Mario and Bowser first met.



To this date, there still isn’t a painted picture in the entire Mario or Yoshi franchise who King Koopa and his army truly are or whence they came from. All we know is that since Bowser’s infancy, he’s always been the destructive, grumpy type with Kamek, his seemingly Machiavellian Magikoopa caretaker, always by his side. Who knows, maybe this is all Kamek’s doing and Bowser is merely a victim of a greater conspiracy.



Bowser Fact: Bowser has a son named Bowser Jr., but it is unknown who Bowser Jr.’s mother is.





His powers vary from video game to video game, but what does stay constant and what he’s truly know for are his fire-breathing abilities and his extraordinary strength enough to cause ripples on the ground when pounded on. He is also capable of using his spiked turtle shell both offensively and defensively (best showcased in the Super Smash Bros. series).



So, who’s ready to receive the behemoth of the Mushroom Kingdom?


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