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Jul 26, 2018 Writen By: Miguel Galvez

KotR Tourney #1 | Match #9-12

Entire Quarterfinal Round


With a difference of 502 votes, the winner of our KotR Tourney #1 | Match #8 is TP LINK PVC! He will be up against Super Sonic in the next round. Based on these results, we can deduce that regardless of the material used for each statue, what weighs more to the voters is the franchise these came from.


KotR Tourney #1 | Match #8 Results

King of the Ring Tournament #1 Standings


And with that, we conclude the first round of our King of the Ring Tournament #1! So far, the results of each match have been pretty one-sided, but hopefully, we could see some nail-biting matchups as the tournament progresses.


Unfortunately, everyone that participated in this tournament has been eliminated (i.e. all predictions were wrong as early as the first round), so we decided to speed things up by posting all matches from each round at the same time to be able to start the next tournament as soon as possible. In addition, as per our new mechanic, the 2,000 rewards points that the winner could have earned in the first tournament is now part of a prize pool, and the winner/s of our King of the Ring Tournament #2 has a chance to win these prize pool points (divided amongst the number of winners)! Each time a tournament has no winner, the prize pool will gain an additional 2,000 reward points!


So, without further ado, let's begin the Quarterfinals!



Zora Tunic Link vs. Metal Sonic

You may now cast your votes HERE.



Skull Kid vs. Lucky Cat Mario

You may now cast your votes HERE.



Tails vs. Artorias the Abysswalker

You may now cast your votes HERE.



TP Link PVC vs. Super Sonic

You may now cast your votes HERE.


Who do you think will deliver the highlight reel knockout punch for these matches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



What is the King of the Ring Tournament? Click here


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