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Nov 14, 2018 Writen By: Miguel Galvez

KotR Tourney #2 | Match #3

Sword Kirby vs. Jin Kazama


With a difference of over 790 votes, the winner of our KotR Tourney #2 | Match #2 is AMATERASU! She will advance to the next round. 100% of the entrants predicted that the goodest girl would win this match and that she did. However, there still is a curveball from the results. Only 3 of the remaining 45 acceptable entries predicted that 20th Anniversary Sonic would receive more votes than Sonic 25th Anniversary! And just like that, we are down to our three finalists—ROSE PESIRI, MARI AMSLER, and MELISSA MURTAGH—though they still do have a long way to go.


KotR Tourney #2 | Match #2 Results

King of the Ring Tournament #2 Standings


Next up, for our third match, we have Sword Kirby vs. Jin Kazama!


Sword Kirby (Exclusive)Sword Kirby (Exclusive)Sword Kirby (Exclusive)Sword Kirby (Exclusive)

NAME: Sword Kirby


SRP: USD 219.99 (Regular version) | USD 239.99 (Exclusive version)

EDITION SIZE: 2,000 pieces worldwide (Regular version) | 850 pieces worldwide (Exclusive version)



Jin Kazama – Tekken 3 (Exclusive)Jin Kazama – Tekken 3 (Exclusive)Jin Kazama – Tekken 5 (Exclusive)Jin Kazama – Tekken 5 (Exclusive)

NAME: Jin Kazama

SOURCE: Tekken

SRP: USD 384.99 (Regular version) | USD 449.99 (Exclusive version)

EDITION SIZE: 250 pieces worldwide (Tekken 3, Regular version) | 120 pieces worldwide (Tekken 3, Exclusive version) | 250 pieces worldwide (Tekken 5, Regular version) | 100 pieces worldwide (Tekken 5, Exclusive version)


You may now cast your votes HERE.


Who do you think will deliver the highlight reel knockout punch for this match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



What is the King of the Ring Tournament? Click here


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