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Dec 07, 2018 Writen By: Miguel Galvez

Shovel Knight Player 2 Pre-Order FAQs

Everything you need to know (and more) about the Shovel Knight Player 2 pre-order!


Pre-orders for Shovel Knight Player 2 are finally upon us. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!


Kindly read through these instructions to guarantee your pre-orders:


  1. Pre-orders will open right after F4F’s Friday Q&A with Chocks and A on the 7th of December 2018, 10:00 PM HKT. Pre-orders will remain open until the 4th of January 2019, 10:00 PM HKT.


  1. As this is a Companion Piece launch, there isn't going to be a validation process.


  1. NOTE: If by the end of the pre-order period the Exclusive Edition does not hit a total of at least 1,000 pieces sold, the pre-order period will remain open until it hits this goal or until before production begins. If at least 1,000 pieces are sold within the five-week pre-order period, the pre-ordering process will proceed as normal.



Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: “How much does each Shovel Knight Player 2 edition cost?”


Both the Shovel Knight Player 2 (Standard) and Shovel Knight Player 2 (Exclusive) each cost USD 299.99 SRP + shipping.



Q: “Will payment plans (Flexipay) be available when I purchase my Shovel Knight Player 2 statues?”


Yes, Flexipay will be available when pre-ordering your Shovel Knight Player 2 statues, up to a maximum of twelve (12) months payment terms. You may find the various Flexipay options under the “Additional Information” section of your desired product.



Q: “Can I cancel my order?”


Orders are cancellable, but the 10% initial deposit is non-refundable, and you incur an Administration Charge of USD 5.00 per payment to be refunded. For more information, please visit the Cancellation section of our website.



Q: “How much will shipping cost?”


Kindly refer to the image below for shipping cost charges:



Shovel Knight Player 2 Shipping Cost (Standard & Exclusive Edition)



Q: “Do we have to pay for Customs fees or taxes?”


As much as possible, First 4 Figures shoulders Customs fees and taxes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction from purchase to delivery. We are able to do so by strategically setting up our warehouses in every corner of the globe. However, in the event that your order will be delivered from a distant warehouse, any additional fees or taxes (if any) are of the buyer’s responsibility. For more information, please visit the Shipping section of our website.



Q: “If I decide to purchase more than one Shovel Knight Player 2 statue, will it be possible to combine it all into one shipping cost?”


Shipping costs are charged on a per product item basis. We currently do not allow combining of shipping costs.



Q: “What is a Companion Piece?”


Companion Pieces are collectibles that still belong to the main product line but have no bearing on the succession of statue numbers. In this case, the main products prior this Companion Piece are Shovel Knight (Regular Edition), Shovel Knight (Exclusive Edition), Shovel Knight (Ornate Plate Edition), and Shovel Knight (Combo Edition).



Q: “What is the difference between a variant and a Companion Piece”


Variants are launched alongside the main product and share the same pool of statue numbers as the main product. Companion Pieces, on the other hand, will only be numbered if the customer pre-ordering it owns the main product itself and will match the statue number of their main product. Those who do not own the main product but are pre-ordering the Companion Piece will receive an unnumbered statue.



Q: “Why do I have to authenticate my Shovel Knight Player 2 statue?”


If you own and authenticated either the Shovel Knight (Exclusive), Shovel Knight (Ornate Plate Edition), or Shovel Knight (Combo Edition), you are guaranteed to receive the same statue number for your Shovel Knight Player 2 statue by authenticating it. If you own and authenticated your Shovel Knight (Regular Edition), you are guaranteed to receive the same statue number for your Shovel Knight Player 2 (Standard Edition) by authenticating it.



Q: “Do statue numbers have any bearing on the quality of a product?”


Statue numbers and any other form of numbering merely represent the edition size of each product and do not have any implications on the quality.



Q: “Can I purchase your Shovel Knight Player 2 statues anywhere else other than your website?”


Our Shovel Knight Player 2 (Standard) statue may be available for purchase at a local retailer near you once these statues are released, but our Shovel Knight Player 2 (Exclusive) statue is only available for purchase on our website.



For more information and high-resolution images of our Shovel Knight Player 2 statues, kindly click HERE.


If you have any further questions or concerns, kindly refer to the HELP section of our website. Alternatively, you may also contact Customer Service through our CONTACT US online form, or you may leave a comment below and we will get back to you shortly.


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